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How it Works

Kadam is an online platform aimed at empowering students to tackle sexual harassment at higher educational institutions. The tools and resources available on the website enable students to exercise their agency and their capacity to create safer and more inclusive colleges and universities. On this platform students in higher education institutions can speak and act against sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse taking place at their institutions.

Students can register themselves on this platform as Voice Champions or Survivors using the sign-up form below. 

What is a Voice Champion?

A Voice Champion is a student who understands how to apply the PoSH Act to college campuses. A Voice Champion will use this knowledge to take steps towards making their college campus safer, and college authorities accountable for their duties under the law. Through their Kadam account, Voice Champions can create and host events, workshops as well as interact with other members of the Kadam community while sharing useful resources.

What is a Survivor?

Survivors are students who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual assault in their colleges or universities. They can seek help and even share their stories through their anonymised Kadam account.

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